Records Of Persons Detained In Mecklenburg North Carolina




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The photographs and information contained on this page were released by Mecklenburg County as parts of public records. Our company is privately owned and operated. We are an independent media company. We did not detain ASHLEY PERDUE and do not maintain any relationships with any government offices, anywhere in North Carolina, Costa Rica, or elsewhere in the world. For updates on the status of the detainment of, and other criminal proceedings for, ASHLEY PERDUE, you must write to or call the appropriate courthouse.

Please remember that the appearance of ASHLEY PERDUE's name and booking photograph on these pages are not indicative in any way shape or form that ASHLEY PERDUE committed a crime; it is only evidence that ASHLEY PERDUE was taken into custody or suspected of doing so. Our website tries to publish as complete of a list of all detainees in Mecklenburg County in an effort to create greater transparency into the work of the brave policemen and policewomen who keep the streets of Mecklenburg County safe.












All Mecklenburg Cty Charges:

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All of the information (photos, images, names, charges, dates, and so on) on display on this website was gleaned from public records released under Freedom of Information-style laws in Mecklenburg County. Even when a criminal justice file is sealed or destroyed as required by N.C.G.S. § 15A-151, those files "do not become beyond the reach of public discourse" and that an Order To Expunge does not "impose a regime of silence on those who know the truth." Please see G.D. v. Kenny, 205 N.J. 275, 301 (N.J. 2011).

With more than 1 million residents, Mecklenburg County is the second‑most populous in the State of North Carolina behind only Wake County. Neighboring and nearby counties include Iredell County, Cabarrus County, Union County, Gaston County, Catawba County, and Lincoln County. Therefore, we highly encourage you to verify that the ASHLEY PERDUE who appears on this page is the same ASHLEY PERDUE for whom you were searching as there likely is more than one, and possible many ASHLEY PERDUEs in the world.